RENT Magazine Q3 '22

HERE’S WHAT OWNERS CAN DO ABOUT IT SUB-PAR CONNECTIVITY CAN HURT YOUR PROPERTY. Lousy internet in a multi-family community isn’t just irritating. Today, it can negatively impact how residents work, shop, inform, and entertain themselves. It’s simple. Residents see fast, reliable internet as a “must-have,” and they’ll gladly pay more for a property that provides it. Today, HOAs, residential property managers, and multi-family property owners may see the appeal of their communities disintegrate without that high-quality internet connectivity.

HIGH-SPEED, RELIABLE INTERNET MOVES FROM “WANT” TO “NEED” Once a “nice-to-have” amenity, fast, dependable broadband is now a “must-have” for residents and property owners. “Today’s residents look for the most robust internet speeds they can find,” says Johnson, “and the numbers agree.”

With insight and expertise from Quantum Fiber Sales Engineering Manager Justin Johnson, we’ll explore options for developers and owners to ratchet up their multi-family property and single-family development internet and pull their communities out of the online “slow lane.”


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