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Summer saved by the StoveTop FireStop When mounted above a stove, the StoveTop FireStop canister will automatically activate when there is direct, sustained contact from a flame with the fuse on the bottom of the canister. As soon as that happens, the canister releases a fine, dry powder over the flames that safely suppresses the fire. As it activates, the canister makes a loud “pop” sound to alert your tenant. Immediately after activation, when it is safe, they can shut off the stove’s burner to keep the fire from reigniting. Educate your tenants with these safety rules and equip your investment property kitchens with StoveTop FireStops for safe summertime cooking. A little education and taking the proper precautions can ensure that your building and all of its residents stay safe.

Never cook while drowsy or under the influence of alcohol. GRILLING RULES

Outdoor cooking safety As a landlord, it is your responsibility to set a policy for grilling safety, whether your tenants are using their own equipment on their patio or set-ups you have provided for tenant use on your property. As mentioned above, indoor grilling must also be regulated for safety so that renters are aware of the dangers of open grilling in their kitchen, too. Write up your grilling rules and email them to your tenants. Also, post them in the common areas of your property and in your barbecue area.

Thoroughly drain meat, poultry and vegetables of all marinades before placing them on the grill to prevent flames from shooting up. Do not leave a hot grill unattended. When grilling outdoors, do so in well-ventilated areas on a flat surface and make sure the grill can’t be tipped over. Consider using a grill pad or splatter mat underneath your grill to protect your deck or patio. Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer on the proper method of lighting your specific gas grill. If you are using a gas grill and the flame goes out, turn the grill and the gas o, then wait at least five minutes to re-light it. If grill flames become too high or the grill gets too hot, cut the oxygen supply to the flames by covering the grill. When using a grill plate indoors, turn o the gas burner. Never throw water onto the grill.

By educating renters on indoor and outdoor fire safety and providing them with the proper equipment, such as the StoveTop FireStop and working fire extinguishers, you are not only preventing damage and injury, but demonstrating how much you value your tenants. One can’t underestimate how far that goes towards having happy residents.

SHARA LIMOGES Account Manager StoveTop FireStop


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