RENT Magazine Q1 '23

PROVIDING INVESTORS OPTIONS FOR THEIR DST 1031 EXIT STRATEGIES Kay Properties has helped thousands of clients invest in more than $30 billion of DST investments since its founding in 2010, so they understand how important exit strategies are for investors and offer clients multiple choices for their investment exit strategies. Some firms tell their investors the REIT avenue is the only exit strategy available for their DST investment and fail to mention that there are other exit strategy options available. Even worse, other firms don’t inform their investors at all that their DST investments will automatically be converted into a REIT investment, creating a so-called “forced conversion.” With Kay Properties, every option is presented up front with full disclosure to allow clients to completely understand the business plan for each DST investment. Investors can decide for themselves what exit strategy they want to exercise based on their own individual circumstances. KAY PROPERTIES HAS HELPED THOUSANDS OF CLIENTS INVEST IN MORE THAN $30 BILLION OF DST INVESTMENTS THE 3 MOST COMMON EXIT STRATEGIES FOR INVESTORS Each of the exit strategy options below have potential advantages and disadvantages for investors, so each investor should consult their real estate attorney or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) before making an investment decision.


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