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Plug the Holes, Fill the Barrel

Plug the Holes, Fill the Barrel is the ultimate guidebook to building wealth with real estate in any market condition. This no-bull, example-packed book is 300+ pages of pure real estate investment knowledge written by a RE investment broker and teacher with several decades of first-hand experience.

It is purely focused on the novice to intermediate investor looking to build a portfolio of single-family properties to build wealth, passive income streams and financial security for generations to come. If you’re looking to start investing in residential real estate or if you have started and are looking to grow your portfolio, you simply cannot afford not

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Jason Kogok


Sam Liebman is the founder and CEO of WealthWay Equity Group, a privately held real estate investment company focused on creating and managing real estate partnerships, and author of The Wall Street Journal best-selling book Harvard Can’t Teach What You Learn From the Streets. This book is no ordinary real estate investment guide. It’s Sam Liebman’s “no holds barred” deep dive into Harvard Can’t Teach What You Learned from the Streets

the fine art of becoming a real estate mogul. A classroom environment can only teach you so much. But raw experience can take even the greenest investor and forge them into a seasoned pro. Through transparent access to Liebman’s expertise, you will be on the fast track to commercial real estate success.

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Sam Liebman


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