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AAOA’s Best of 2022 Awards


If you are looking to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing, look no further than Michael Blank. He is the best course provider for 2022 and the winner of the “Best Multifamily Investment Course” award. As the founder and CEO of The Michael Blank Brands, he has helped his students purchase over 13,700 units valued at $636 million and has the knowledge and experience to help you succeed. With a wide range of resources and award-winning courses, you can start investing in multifamily real estate without experience or your own cash. If you want to learn more about how this is possible, check it out for yourself.

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Michael Blank


Kaylee McMahon is the founder and CEO of Apartment Queen Investments. Their mission is to stop abuse and codependent relationships by providing women with investment opportunities and convenient education focusing on the creation of wealth through real estate investing.

This program will create financial, mindset, and other freedoms, ultimately leading individuals to find and live their purpose in life. Their vision: With your help, we WILL change the world, create financial independence for a minimum of 1 billion SheVestors and create 1 billion givers by 2030. In addition, Kaylee is also the founder of SheVest APP, ReByKaylee LLC, and Women Who Invest Council, all organizations meant to promote and foster the financially independent lives of women real estate investors.

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Kaylee McMahon


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