RENT Magazine Q1 '23

WHO IS GEN Z AND WHAT DO THEY VALUE? Gen Zers, also known as Zoomers, were born from 1997 onward. They are between 18 and 25. By the time they were in their teens, the main way that Gen Zers connected with the web was through mobile devices, Wi-Fi and high- bandwidth cellular service.

Gen Z By the Numbers

Of Gen Z apartment residents say high-speed internet is an important factor when considering an apartment.

91 %

Of Gen Z apartment residents said that Wi-Fi should be pre-installed. Convenient connectivity is so important to Gen Zers that they will spend up to $31.00 more a month for rent to get it. Today’s renters want an IoT-enabled approach to home and community spaces. Of Gen Z apartment residents felt that community Wi-Fi was more of an expectation than an amenity. That’s because Gen Zers like to connect from anywhere, whether it’s somewhere on property or at a park.

75 %

60 %

1 in 4

Gen Z residents would pay over $31.00 a month more to get the high-tech apartment they want.

Source: What Apartment Renters Value


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