RENT Magazine Q1 '23

As technology evolves, we will see more opportunities for communities, homeowners’ associations, property-management firms, and apartment builders to create a safer, smarter, and more sustainable future. Everyone needs to work intelligently to make their buildings more ecologically sound. Making these investments in the right home connectivity technologies will earn you greater ROI and enable you to be a better steward of our planet. Learn more about Quantum Fiber internet for multifamily properties at or connect with an expert at MAKING SMART CHOICES NOW LETS US CREATE LASTING BENEFITS

ALICE LAPLANTE Writer Quantum Fiber

Alice LaPlante is an award-winning writer who has been writing about technology and the business of technology for more than 20 years. Quantum Fiber is the smart broadband investment that delivers tomorrow-speed internet and fully digital solutions tailored to any property. For future-focused builders, developers, and property owners, Quantum Fiber is a launchpad for modernizing developments and giving both existing communities and future builds a competitive edge.


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