RENT Magazine Q1 '23

If you’re not ready for RUBS (or prevented from implementing it for some reason), a Sample Statement showing residents what they WOULD pay can also drive conservation behaviors, even if they aren’t spending any money directly. A study by the EPA showed that the simple act of informing people of the costs of their habits will cause them to reduce consumption by up to 15%! Bonus: What’s good for your wallet is good for the planet. “RUBS is easy to implement. It takes very little time to get started, and our enrolled housing providers start seeing recovered costs in as little as 60 days. We don’t require a minimum number of units to get started, so it’s ideal for those with even just one unit to manage,” Sharabi says. “Sharing accountability for consumption among housing providers and residents helps preserve our precious natural resources at the same time, thus reducing use of both water and energy.”

“As the rental market continues to be in upheaval, it’s in the interest of housing providers to work on recovering master-billed utility costs now,” Sharabi explains. “Not every market has been affected by a correction yet, but it will happen. The time to get ready is now, especially for independent rental owners with a smaller number of units who don’t have the resources of a major corporation behind their investments.”

DANIEL SHARABI CEO & Co-founder Livable

Daniel Sharabi is the CEO & Co-founder of Livable, a utility management company with software solutions designed to save money, as well as the environment. Daniel’s immersive experience working within a multitude of sectors in Silicon Valley offers a homegrown advantage in his vision of leveraging technology to provide benefits for all: the property owner, property manager, the tenants, and our environment. To find out what Livable can do for your property check out or call 877-789-6027.


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