RENT Magazine Q4 '22

Rules of improved engagement?

Where some might see restrictions, for O’Connell, the FCC’s new multifamily broadband rules are a true opportunity. “While this ruling provides some ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts,’” he says, “they are a direct way for us to become more engaged with our clients and their residents. We now have a chance to be in front of all our customers. On one hand, we can reinforce relationships working with owners on revenue share revisions. On the other, sharing our EMA disclosure plans allows us to review and refresh our marketing

relationship and improve our programs’ effectiveness at the property level.”

Likewise, O’Connell also sees an opportunity for more interaction with multifamily residents through the disclosure mandate. “We’ll be in front of every resident at a property as we comply with the disclosure requirements,” O’Connell says, “including those who are not current customers. I expect some to reach out for more information about our services. I’m sure many will act on what we’ve put in front of them.”

Making sure multifamily owners pick the best internet provider

Many would agree that competition provides opportunity for consumers. O’Connell also sees plenty of positives for property owners if they connect with an established Tier 1 fiber internet service, like Quantum Fiber. With the percentage of remote workers soaring, high-quality, reliable internet service for multifamily properties is more important than ever for consumers and owners alike. The popularity of streaming, online shopping, and virtual wellness visits is also greater than ever. Add in what O’Connell calls “demand for almost limitless access to and support of the Internet of Things (IoT)” and countless resident-owned

devices, and the importance of choosing the right provider is clear. “A Tier 1 internet provider with a vast global fiber-optic network and advanced cybersecurity checks the boxes our customers care about most,” O’Connell says. Since any IoT device can also become a potential cybersecurity “back door,” multifamily communities need robust protections. As part of the fiber backbone, a Tier 1 internet service provider has plenty at stake, making cybersecurity a top priority. “We transport online traffic over our own network at a level most carriers can’t,” says O’Connell. “And we monitor and mitigate hundreds of thousands of cyber threats every month.”


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