RENT Magazine Q4 '22

As a preventative measure, cautious landlords equip their kitchens with a StoveTop FireStop to promote quick fire suppression and minimize injuries and damage to the home should a fire occur. When mounted above a stove, the StoveTop FireStop canister will automatically activate when there is direct, sustained contact between a flame and the fuse on the bottom of the canister. As soon as that happens, the canister releases a fine, dry powder over the flames that safely suppresses the fire. As it activates, the canister makes a loud “pop” sound to alert your tenant. Immediately after activation, when it is safe, they can shut off the stove’s burner to keep the fire from reigniting. Tenants need to know how to prevent cooking fires and what they must do in the event one occurs. Be sure that you have provided them with written instructions in case of fire and multiple smoke detectors. In addition, every kitchen should have a working fire extinguisher. Most importantly, one must never leave the range or cooktop unattended while cooking. If the cook must leave the room, the range or cooktop should be turned off. Holidays Saved by the StoveTop FireStop


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