RENT Magazine Q2 '22


Do you feel being a woman is an advantage, disadvantage, or no advantage in today’s business world, and why? Q: A: Yes, I think it's an advantage for me to be a woman. I say that mainly because the commercial real estate industry is an industry where there are not a lot of women - at any level, let alone a senior vice president level. I feel it is an advantage because people aren't so threatened perhaps when a woman approaches them. They understand that my entire goal is to educate them not sell them. I'm not intimidating or threatening. When they realize that I really know what I'm talking about, and they recognize my CCIM designation (which by the way is very important to me because it demonstrates my commitment to my own continuing education), they become more receptive to my presentation. They recognize that I can help them by providing good advice and by teaching them important questions they should ask their own CPAs, attorneys and financial counselors. Then I become a trusted advisor or a trusted resource without being a threat or overpowering or pushy.

What unique qualities and/or personality traits do you think make you so successful in your profession? Q: A: Everybody approaches their profession so differently, but for me, my focus has always been emphasizing education. Sometimes I feel like people will just want me to tell them what to do. And I say, ‘No, I'm not going to do that. When you see a form coming through and it asks you a question, I want you to understand what that's all about. I don't want you to just sign it and move on.’ So, I think the thing that makes me unique is my emphasis on educating my clients and really making my clients learn. And if they learn and then they decide the DST investment route is not for them, that's fine. We're okay with that. But I think the fact that I take such care to make sure my clients really understand what they're doing and know that our team is there for them whenever they need us, I think is very special and very different. I just really care for my clients and want to teach them all I can.

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