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•PROPERTY TYPE •FUNDING SOURCES •HOW OLD YOUR PROPERTY IS It’s important to hire a professional who knows which accessibility laws apply to your property to figure out what you may need to do to bring your property into compliance. ACCESSIBILITY LAWS DIFFER BASED ON FAIR HOUSING TESTING TAKEAWAY While the odds may be slim, the chances you will be tested by one of these organizations is always present. Remember that we only touched on a few testing scenarios here today. A property can be tested in many more ways, for example, policies around emotional support animals or prospects with a criminal background. Be aware, be fair, and make sure you and your team are well trained in all aspects of The Fair Housing Act!

KATHELENE WILLIAMS Attorney and President The Fair Housing Institute

Kathi Williams is one of the founders of Fair Housing Institute. FHI is the accomplished vision of Kathi who views its educational courses as the best method housing providers can use to accomplish compliance and avoid litigation. Kathi is also a partner in the Law Firm of Williams Edelstein Tucker, P.C. providing defense and preventative representation for the housing industry in all civil rights matters. During the many decades Kathi has been advising her housing provider clients, she developed a unique understanding of the most effective methods of communicating fair housing best practices through training. Click here to watch Fair Housing Educational Videos.

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