RENT Magazine Q2 '22


There are various ways to collect rental payments, ranging from personal checks and cashier’s checks to more advanced mobile and online payment systems. In addition, direct payment systems, known as automated clearing houses (or “ACH” payments”) allow tenants to set up autopay and pay the rent directly from the tenant’s bank account. Collecting rent online with property management software like Baselane is faster, safer, and more reliable than traditional methods like checks. Online rent payments don’t rely on the tenant writing and delivering a check, saving you time and keeping your rental income on track.

Unlike checks, which can take up to five days to post, rent paid online is deposited directly into your bank account in as little as two days. Because Baselane uses multi-factor authentication, and bank-level encryption to keep payments secure, it’s safer than using a check that can easily be forged, copied, or stolen. Paying rent online is easier for your tenant, too. Tenants can choose their preferred payment method (bank transfer, debit, or credit card), set up auto-pay, and get reminders and receipts. You can learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of online rent collection here.


One of the biggest killers of rental property profitability is a vacancy. Every month that your rental sits empty cuts into your profitability and reduces your earning potential. To help keep vacancies down, focus on attracting quality tenants and maximizing the number of applications you receive for your empty units.

Attracting quality tenants starts with having an appealing, in-demand property. Choose a property in a good location that targets your ideal demographics. If your property is vacant, maximize the number of applications you’ll receive by investing in staging, high-quality photography, and well-targeted, well-written advertisements showing the property’s amenities.

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