RENT Magazine Q2 '22

ANALYSIS Our data and analysis for the selected neighborhoods is presented in the table below:

As the table shows, two bedroom rents for the Brickell, Miami neighborhood saw the highest increase in rent change among the selected U.S. neighborhoods by 50%. The Venice neighborhood in Los Angeles saw the smallest increase in rent by 4%. The Venice and West Valley neighborhoods with a price-to-rent ratio of 31 suggests those areas may have more rental demand given their relatively high average property prices. Whereas the Montrose neighborhood, with a price-to-rent ratio of 12, appears more favorable for those looking to buy and therefore may have lower rental demand.


As always, thorough due diligence and assessment of current market conditions is critical to making successful real estate decisions. Whether you are setting your rent or evaluating an investment

property opportunity, we recommend identifying sources of reliable market information and contacting local professionals familiar with your target rental markets.

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