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codes that are going to help benefit investors. For example, with SB-9 and SB-10 that just got passed, California investors can move multi-units onto lots that were originally designated for single family homes. love to hear your take on how these new Senate Bills (SB- 9 and SB-10) can bring back the profitability of investing in California. Yes, they’re trying to encourage investors to come back in. Many of our members are landlords in California. I’d One of the big factors, I think, that makes San Diego a little bit more challenging is the lack of public transportation. These bills are being put in place in part to try to help disadvantaged communities have access to housing that is close to transportation or work. From an investor standpoint, this is fantastic. Also, the ADUs are going to be very beneficial to people who have single-family homes and

want to pay off their mortgage by adding an ADU. And some of those ADUs can be two stories, which is really great. But there is resistance from certain communities that are averse to it. To me, it’s all math. It’s nice to see this legislation happening. They are adding affordable housing to make it more readily available for the community. San Diego, already known for its military population and its tourism, is becoming a tech hub too. With Amazon and Apple creating headquarters here and a stadium paid for by SDSU, San Diego is a great opportunity for investment. You mentioned affordable housing, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to meet with you. You grew up in Section 8 housing and then propelled yourself to where you are today. I think it’s an amazing story and I’d like to hear a little bit about your experience. My mom applied for Section 8

during her pregnancy. When I was born, we were fast-tracked into housing, which was very key for her. It was a lifesaving federally sponsored program. Growing up, it wasn’t something I bragged about to anyone. Unfortunately, there is a very heavy stigma that is associated with it and a lot of negative assumptions. Had I not been given these opportunities through Section 8 housing, I probably would not be where I am today. I also benefited from having EBT and Snap benefits. My mom did the very best she could to instill in me the need to outwork everyone to get to that next phase of my life. I also had financial aid for college, but here I am today, a tax-paying citizen. At the end of the day, I’m very grateful for those programs to have been available to me and my mom. I’m very happy to pay my taxes and give back to those programs now that I’m in this place in my life.

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