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Cell phone manufacturers and carriers are all rushing to promote their 5G phones. In fact, it is hard to find a new phone that doesn’t boast support for 5G. This will inevitably result in most apartment tenants owning 5G-capable phones and devices over the next few years, if they don’t already. Are you ready?

Why 5G?

THE 5G HYPE The hype around 5G is significant and perhaps greater than what we ever experienced with 4G/LTE. For instance, we are told 5G provides an infrastructure that is going to change everyday life. More robust bandwidth and date speeds are critical for the massive number of devices that will be wirelessly connected for Internet of Things data sharing.

5G Benefits for Tenants

5G Benefits for Apartment Owners

• Wireless entry keys • Security sensors • Electric vehicle parking meters • Controlled energy usage • HVAC monitoring

• Faster video uploads • Smoother streaming of movies • Better control over utility costs • Better building security • Better cell phone connectivity overall • Connecting more devices to the internet with fewer delays

• Marketing 5G benefits to tenants as an added perk

More smart building technologies that depend on 5G roll out every day to help reduce operational expenses for building owners. However, 5G is not yet available everywhere. Nevertheless, the roll-out by wireless carriers across the country is aggressive. Regular updates of the roll-out to date can be found in the report: Where Is 5G Available in the US?

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