RENT Magazine Q2 '22

We’ve gathered seven top books written by successful female real estate investors that can help you on your investing journey. Tap into their expertise and grow your portfolio confidently! 7 MUST-READ INVESTMENT BOOKS

Have you ever attended a real estate event and been the only woman in the room? In The Only Woman in the Room: Knowledge and Inspiration from 20 Women Real Estate Investors, you will hear from 20 incredible women who share how they were able to achieve financial freedom in a world historically dominated by men. From residential to commercial, this book is packed full of knowledge and inspiration regardless of where one is in their real estate investing journey.

In this book, you will discover how to: • Creatively find and finance deals • Transition from your nine-to-five to become an entrepreneur • Scale a multifamily portfolio • Raise private capital

"Throughout my career there were multiple occasions where I have stood as the only woman in the room. This powerful book is a must read and I only wish it had been available early on in my career!" -Barbara Corcoran, Founder of The Corcoran Group

“This book is a long-awaited big step forward in the fight to make the incredible wealth building power of the male-dominated real estate investing industry more accessible to women everywhere.” -Scott Trench, CEO,

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