RENT Magazine Q2 '22

Women in Multifamily Real Estate is the result of Kaylee McMahon’s conversations with successful women in multifamily real estate investing who have touched her life and the lives of countless others. This book gives interested investors a snapshot of WHO it takes to win in multifamily investing and how women do it. In this book, you will learn: • The art of being the successful female candidate in a male-dominated industry • Planning as an important part of accountability and success • Key insights to small shop franchise development

“I found this book to be very interesting and informative with…the many stories of life experiences of each of the women authors. They provided a platform to weave their working lives with their personal lives and the outcome made this book impossible to put down. Five stars for sure!!” -H.W.

In The Six Essential Principles of The Finest Women in Real Estate, Marie Antonette Waite reveals her secrets to: • Positioning yourself in your niche market • Building a successful, profitable and sustainable business • Developing and maintaining loyal clients who rave about you • Generating a steady stream of qualified and motivated referrals

The Real Estate Investor Goddess Handbook is the ultimate guide for women who want to invest in real estate. As a real estate investor with a portfolio of over 1000 rentals, Monick Halm has created a simple-to-follow framework any woman can use to start building wealth in real estate in a uniquely feminine way. Halm’s powerful and encouraging advice can help women of any age and income become successful in real estate in a fun and pleasurable way that honors their inner goddess!

“You'll learn a lot from this book about how to bring success to yourself, to those surrounding you, to your community and to your country. I want more!” -J.M.

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