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Alexandra Alvarado, Director of Marketing and Education at AAOA sat down to interview three leading female investors in multifamily and commercial real estate about what they see coming ahead in the real estate market. Watch the whole video here or read below for a quick summary of their predictions. REAL ESTATE MARKET PREDICTIONS FROM AAOA’S LEADING INVESTORS

ASHLEY WILSON Co-Founder of Bar Down Investments, LLC Connect with Ashley

KAYLEE MCMAHON Founder of The Apartment Queen Connect with Kaylee

PAM GOODWIN CEO of Goodwin Commercial Connect with Pam

Pam Goodwin has worked in commercial real estate for 30 years, starting with shopping centers to chain restaurant developments, including 50 Chili’s restaurants. About 14 years ago she started Goodwin Commercial, developing single tenant net leases like Walgreens, Chase, and McDonalds in Texas. She also enjoys coaching and mentoring because as she puts it, “I'm on a mission to make sure EVERYONE knows how to buy commercial real estate.”

Ashley Wilson started investing in real estate during her time as the Director of Global Vaccine Development for Pfizer. She eventually left pharma altogether in 2014 to work full-time in real estate development. Today she works in the construction and asset management of commercial properties as the Co-Founder of Bar Down Investments, LLC and has been involved in over $100M in single and multifamily real estate transactions across 1,000 units.

Kaylee McMahon credits her mentors as the driving force behind her real estate career. As a hands-on-learner she learned underwriting, renovation schedules, and construction logistics on the job without a construction or business background. She says, “It's been an incredible learning curve for me, but luckily for me, I'm just built in as a natural lifelong learner.” Today she is the Founder of The Apartment Queen and has purchased over $68.2M in multifamily real estate.

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