RENT Magazine Q2 '22

Throughout the year, seasons change and the amount of energy we use in different areas of the home fluctuates. But what are some simple tricks to conserve energy all year? Below, Livable shares three areas of your rentals that waste the most energy and tips you can share with your tenants to help save resources and money. HOW TO SAVE BIG ON YOUR RENTALS’ ENERGY BILLS YEAR-ROUND

LAUNDRY ROOM It is no secret that the laundry room is one of the higher energy-consuming areas of the home, utilizing both water and energy. Luckily, there are several consumption tips for both the washer and dryer. • COLD WATER Saves According to, about 90% of the energy the washing machine uses goes towards heating the water. Washing in cold water takes away the energy used by the hot water tank, reducing energy consumption. Did you know cold water-washed clothes come out just as clean as warm washed? • CLEAN THE LINT SCREEN A simple thing that tenants often forget is to clean the lint screen. Not only does cleaning the filter after each dry save energy, but if left too long, it can be a major fire hazard. When you do an annual rental inspection, be sure to remove the dryer hose and check for any buildup to ensure clear air flow. Show your tenants how to clean the lint screen during their move-in (even if you think it’s obvious). • BUY SMART If you’re purchasing a new dryer for your rental, consider its energy efficiency and buy one with a sensor that will turn off the machine automatically when clothes are dry. The initial investment can pay off in the long run and be marketed as an upgraded amenity to tenants.

Download Livable’s e-book on conservation and share it with your tenants. This information will show your renters more ways to conserve energy and save money.

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