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BILL YOUR TENANTS FOR UTILITIES USING A RATIO UTILITY BILLING COMPANY As a landlord, you can make your rental more profitable by either cutting expenses, increasing income, or both. A clear way to cut your expenses is to simply bill your tenants for the utilities they use. Solutions such as Livable’s Ratio Utility Billing System can make the process of billing your tenants for utilities much easier. Livable’s mission is to help property managers and rental owners keep costs low and consumption down by offering up-to-date utility analytics and cost recovery. Book a call with Livable to learn how to implement ratio- utility billing to save money and valuable natural resources.


In North America, we are lucky enough to not have to worry about providing lighting in our homes. However, this can often lead to taking this for granted and leaving lights on unnecessarily without even thinking about it. • THREE-WAY LAMPS Make it easy for tenants to keep lighting levels low with dimmers and three-way lamps when brighter light is not necessary. Your tenants will likely also appreciate the option to dim the lights. • LOCATION MATTERS If you furnish your rentals, avoid placing lamps near the air-conditioning thermostat. It can sense heat and cause the air conditioner to run longer than necessary.

We’ve been using Livable to manage our utility bill backs for several years... Livable tracks utility usage and sends us alerts if they detect any anomalies. Livable promotes conservation which helps reduce utility expenses in addition to adding another source of revenue at our properties.

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DANIEL SHARABI CEO & Co-founder Livable

Daniel Sharabi is the CEO & Co-founder of Livable, a utility management company with software solutions designed to save money, as well as the environment. Daniel’s immersive experience working within a multitude of sectors in Silicon Valley offers a homegrown advantage in his vision of leveraging technology to provide benefits for all: the property owner, property manager, the tenants, and our environment. To find out what Livable can do for your property check out or call 877-789-6027.

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