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ALTHOUGH MOST ACTIVITI ES CAN BE PASS IVE , YOU MUST KEEP YOUR F I NGER ON THE PULSE OF YOUR BUS I NESS . Either way, it’s fairly simple. Of course, you’ll need to wire your closing funds to the title company, but that’s standard. STEP #4: MANAGE The last step will be different depending on The title company can hire a mobile notary in your hometown. They will email them the file. The notary will schedule a time to meet you at home or wherever you choose. You’ll sign all documents in front of the notary and they’ll send the signed package back overnight to the title company.

The title company can email you the closing package. You print it, sign everything that does not require a notary, and take the handful of pages that do require a notary to your local bank to get notarized. Then overnight the package back to the title company with the label they provided. company to close, so how does it work when you are doing it remotely? There are two ways, and it’s largely up to the lender and title company: things you do in between the inspection period ending and the deed becoming yours. For example, getting your financing in order, setting up insurance, signing agreements with your contractor and property manager, and getting everything needed to the title company (like your LLC docs). I like to refer to this phase as the “herding cats” phase. If you have closed on real estate before you already know it is a little chaotic, but this part is no different whether you’re investing at home or remotely. However, you are probably pretty accustomed to going in person to the title


There are three potential next steps:


Everything looks good and you are moving forward. Things are not as good as you thought and you request a price reduction. Things are not good at all. If it doesn’t work out how you like, just walk away! There’s nothing like the power of saying



STEP #3: CLOSE This one is simple because you did all of the hard work already. The Close Phase of our process includes Pre- Closing and Closing. “no” in a negotiation. When you back out of the deal within your inspection period, you get your earnest money deposit back.

Pre-Closing includes all the

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