RENT Magazine Q2 '21

We asked AAOA members to anonymously fill in the blank with the craziest tenant story they have. Managing rental property is full of surprises. Here are a few of their stories! ONE TIME ONE OF MY TENANTS . . .


...asked for a discount because February only has 28 days! FEBRUARY DISCOUNT?

...signed a 2 year lease with his girlfriend, moved-in, got into an argument that night, and then vacated the property the very next day.

...kept cockroaches as pets in jars and would "walk" them in their kitchen. PET ROACHES?!

Do you have a story like these to tell? Email to anonymously share!

...had an outdoor party in the apartment parking lot which led to gun shots fired, a week before the closing PARTY GETS OUT OF HAND!

of the sale of the property. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the sale still went through!

...burned down 2 units because their toaster shorted out. BURNT TOAST


...accidentally locked their baby in the bedroom and kicked in the door. When I took the funds to cover the repairs from the deposit, the

...sat on the bathroom sink and pulled it off the wall. The water ran for a full day before he called me, flooding the unit. SINKS AREN'T FOR SITTING

tenant had the nerve to request for mediation!

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