RENT Magazine Q4 '21

ADVERTISING PROPERTIES/LISTING SYNDICATION To find tenants and collect rent payments, landlords must effectively market their rental properties. The leading method of rental advertising is online listing sites. Creating listings, writing descriptions, and taking photos takes time. And in order to reach a wide pool of renters, landlords typically post their listings on multiple listing sites, which they then must monitor for engagement and performance. With each additional site you post your listings on, the time you spend advertising properties increases. The leading property management software platforms offer listing syndication. Rental listing syndication allows landlords to post their listings on many of the top listing sites at once. With syndication software, you don’t have to waste time picking which sites to target, tailoring your listings for each platform, and switching between sites to monitor your posts. In short, listing syndication dramatically reduces the time required to advertise your rentals and find tenants. SCREENING TENANTS Tenant screening is the only way to find high- quality renters. Thorough screening procedures include credit, criminal, and eviction history checks. It is difficult and time-consuming to find this information on your own and harder still to

find information that is reliable. Even some reliable tenant screening services take 1-3 days to collect the reports you need. The best property management software platforms offer instantaneous tenant screening services that provide all of the information you need in a matter of minutes. And because the process is handled completely online with applicants entering in their own information, tenant screening requires no additional time or effort from landlords. SIGNING LEASES Before tenants can move in and begin paying rent, they must first review and sign their lease. In order for a lease to be signed offline, landlords must coordinate their busy schedules so that they can meet with tenants, review the lease, and sign the document. And if a tenant is moving from out of state, this process can take weeks. With property management software, landlords are able to upload their lease agreements so that tenants can review and sign them on their own time. This way, you don’t have to move around your schedule and block out time to meet with tenants. Rather than taking days or weeks, lease signing can be completed in a matter of minutes

with no additional work. COLLECTING RENT

All successful rental businesses must efficiently and effectively collect rent payments. When tenants pay you directly, you must count their cash payments, write receipts, deposit checks,

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