RENT Magazine Q4 '21

CONCLUSION Property management software is a growing industry with a value of $1.65 billion. There are dozens of platforms on the market, and many more are sure to follow. As such, choosing a software provider to work with can be challenging. There is cloud-based software (think Google Docs) and server software (think Microsoft Word). There are platforms designed for small to mid-sized landlords and some for commercial properties. Each platform offers varying features and services and are priced differently. There are platforms that are free, whereas others charge for monthly use. At Innago, we offer our cutting-edge software free of cost. We are designed for small to mid-sized landlords, but we also accommodate larger property managers. Our software is designed to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and student-housing properties. Innago provides all of the features you want — rent collection, lease signing, tenant communication, maintenance management, and more. What it comes down to is choosing a property management software company that meets the needs of your real estate business.

DAVID SPOONER Co-Founder Innago Property Management Software (513) 964-0172

Dave Spooner is a co-founder of Innago, a property management software designed to simplify life for small to mid-sized landlords. He has been involved in the real estate technology space since 2013, working to enhance the way landlords and tenants communicate. In addition to his expertise in content marketing, Dave utilizes his experience with management and entrepreneurship to help landlords achieve sustained success.

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