RENT Magazine Q1 '22


Traditional sales strategies have become outdated. Even just 5 years ago, renters had fewer choices and less access to information. Today, your renters might know more about your rental than you do when they call you. How do you stand out and provide more than what they already know?

✓ How you should pick up the phone ✓ The most important questions you should ask every renter who calls you and exactly how to phrase them ✓ How to engage with prospective renters without being “salesy” ✓ How to gather information to make your tour a success

Matt Easton from Leasing University created this mini course to show RENT magazine readers how you can convert more quality tenants into signed leases starting with how you answer the phone. Whether you take calls yourself or have employees who answer your phones, you’ll find excellent tips to make sure your vacancies are filled quickly. Even if you have a smaller operation, you can still compete with the largest leasing companies out there with this effective phone strategy.

MATT EASTON Founder Leasing University (888) 735-7451

Matt’s mission in life is to help give property management professionals more confidence and the skills they need to sign more leases. Matt Easton has personally helped hundreds of apartment communities generate billions in additional revenue through his apartment leasing training. Watch more videos like these on Matt’s Youtube Channel

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