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AAOA’s recently launched Real Estate Services Portal is the investing tool we’ve all been waiting for. With brokerage, marketing, lending, insurance, and 1031 exchange services, AAOA will be there every step of the way during your real estate investing journey. Alexandra Alvarado, AAOA’s Director of Education, interviewed Allen Artcliff-Cronrod, the Managing Director of AAOA’s brokerage, to learn more about what this benefit will mean for AAOA members. Why did AAOA start a brokerage?

The AAOA team has spent a long time building a network of agents and brokers across the country. So when a member is selling their property here in California but wants to buy in Florida or Texas or Maryland, I’ve got an agent’s name for them. We have people in those states and in those markets that we know we can count on to treat our AAOA members in the same way we treat them. Our network of brokers across the country is really helping us connect all the dots with our

members’ needs. That’s fantastic. Let’s say I’m a landlord and I want to look for an investment property or sell my property. What would be the benefit of using the AAOA brokerage? Well, I think the sheer magnitude of our rolodex and the number of investors that we have as members in markets across the country makes it easy. When it comes to single family, the homes sell themselves, and a lot of homes are being sold off market.

I think it’s very simple. AAOA has been in business since 2004 and has evolved upon the recommendations of our members to over 130,000 members. We listen and respond. Some of the things we’ve been hearing for quite a few years are, “I wish you could help me sell my property,” and “I wish you could help me look for properties across the country to add to my portfolio.” And so, we did.

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