RENT Magazine Q3 '21

WHAT YOUR DRYER VENTS WANT YOU TO KNOW Most Americans are unaware of the dangers and risks of not taking preventive care of dryers and dryer vents. Dryer vent safety often gets overlooked even though there are many reasons why landlords, property owners or their maintenance teams should keep an eye on the condition of their dryer vents.

Good Vs. Bad Vents There are multiple types of dryer vents, including those with screens and louvers that substantially increase the risk of a dryer fire and enable birds and rodents to build a home in your ducts. What thousands, if not millions, of people don’t realize is that dryer fires make up about $233 million in property loss each year. As many as 13,820 dryer fires are reported annually, resulting in multiple deaths and injuries. When choosing a dryer vent for new construction or a replacement vent, pick a cover that doesn’t have screens, grids, or louvers. It should be designed for maximum airflow and be tightly sealed to keep out pests and drafts. Understand Safety Code Requirements When your dryer is installed or replaced, it's a good idea to be aware of all fire safety codes to ensure compliance. The dryer vent should have a diameter of at least 4 inches


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