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and be as large as the dryer outlet. The shorter the dryer exhaust duct, the lower the risk of fire. The vent should also empty outdoors and be secure enough to keep the exhaust from getting back into the home. For example, New York City's exhaust installation code 504.4 clearly states that “screens shall not be installed at the duct termination…”. Regardless if your city has specific code requirements these guidelines should be followed to prevent dryer fires and reduce your liability. Schedule Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning Your dryer vent requires regular cleaning to remove any blockages that may develop. As lint builds up in the duct inside your wall, it reduces airflow which can cause overheating and a fire. Professional dryer duct cleaning is an affordable and effective way to keep your dryer working efficiently while dramatically reducing your risk of a house fire.

Build-up of lint on the lint trap Top of the dryer is too hot to touch while running Clothes take longer than one cycle to dry Tenants’ clothes coming out hotter than usual Dryer stopping repeatedly during a cycle Indicators to keep an eye out for: As noted, a dryer that is not working properly can increase the risk of fire. Have your maintenance team look for signs that the dryer is not working correctly and for any potential increased risk of fire. will encourage home and property owners to exchange an old screened or louvered vent with a vent that is designed for maximum airflow. It should also be tightly sealed to prevent drafts and pest entry. Clear Signs Your Dryer Needs Attention

Do not forget to clean the heat vents on the back of

Dryer vent cleaners also install new dryer vents and

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