RENT Magazine Q3 '21

your dryer. Lint likes to accumulate, and if it gets too hot, it can quickly start a house fire. Let's Recap There are many types of dryer vents that any fire safety professional would advise not to use, including those with screens, grids, and louvers. They’ll tell you to take them down immediately and replace them with a dryer vent that is made for home safety and pest entry prevention. Once a year, have your dryer vents and ducts cleaned out, as lint can accumulate and cause a home hazard. For your and your tenants’ safety, follow codes and requirements and purchase the safest, most efficient vent on the market.

Belicia Hernandez Marketing Director

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"I push industry boundaries powered by my passion to empower businesses to succeed. I love learning new programs, selling brands, and creating social media content. I have a degree in advertising and I could not be more thrilled to put what I learned in college and in real world experience to such good use at P- Tec Products."

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