RENT Magazine Q3 '21

Pictured Left: Video of WPD Management's buildings, some of which now house 200 All Chicago program participants.

housing, programs like these are in my opinion, one of the best alternatives. They have an established timeline. They have an established support system. Financially, they cover the rent, and that gives people the best chance to

program for rehabilitation or unemployment, or people with difficult backgrounds, it helps to have the direct involvement of a caseworker you can coordinate with through the program when needed.” WPD’s partnership with All Chicago and similar organizations have been so successful, they launched a WPD Cares page on their site and have given back to their community in other ways through toy drives for residents, a city block cleanup, and rent relief for

transition into more traditional housing.”

To date, WPD has housed 200 All Chicago tenants and they are adding another 45 units soon. Many of these tenants come from missions or shelters or they are

transient with no permanent home.

existing tenants who desperately needed it.

When asked if there have been any challenges with the new residents that have moved in, Devon responded, “Overall [it’s been] fairly positive. When dealing with a population that is coming from a second chance

Devon recalls how the pandemic “gave us the time to really look at how we want to grow and how we can really come out of it stronger, better, smarter. One of the big

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