RENT Magazine Q3 '21

Pictured Left: Members of the Continuum of Care for Chicago (All Chicago) meet to prevent homelessness in Chicago. Photo appears courtesy of All Chicago.

All Chicago and began filling vacancies with tenants participating in the All Chicago program. At a time when many landlords and property management companies were struggling to collect rental income and find tenants, WPD Management was filling vacancies quickly with tenants who came with guaranteed rent. Devon notes, “Since All Chicago is a subsidized program, it alleviated a lot of those concerns about rent payments. It gives you a safety net because if a resident is unable to make their rent payment, they’re part of the program and they’ve covered.” All Chicago isn’t just for large housing providers, they’ve been proactively reaching out to mom-and-

pop landlords who can also benefit from their program. Devon points out that delinquencies affected mom-and-pop property owners much more, stating, “You can’t squeeze blood from a stone, and that doesn’t leave you with many options other than mediation or having the occupant willingly break their lease.” Devon says many of the tenants that come through All Chicago have not been able to secure housing because of their finances or they may be facing a hurdle with a background, employment, or credit history issue. Devon mentioned, “For smaller landlords, the ones who have been a little bit more hesitant to engage in subsidized

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