RENT Magazine Q3 '21

Based in the heart of Chicago’s South Side, WPD Management manages about 3,300

reduce and prevent homelessness in Chicago with the help of corporations, donors, volunteers, and most importantly, residential property owners. They’ve partnered with over 150 housing providers, including WPD, to fill vacant apartments with tenants who receive up to 100% rental assistance. Non-profit programs like All Chicago have popped up around the country in response to the affordable housing crisis in effect well before the pandemic. Their biggest challenge hasn’t been finding donors, but

rather housing providers willing to accommodate those most at risk of homelessness.

rental units. Recognizing the increasing housing affordability issues in the city, they embarked on a journey to help tenants in need while also increasing their leasing volume and rental income.

Shortly before the pandemic, WPD Management began

speaking with volunteers at All Chicago to create a way to fill vacancies with

tenants in need of affordable housing.

All Chicago is a non-profit organization that helps

All Chicago interviewed Devon and members of his team to truly understand how to improve their program for other rental housing providers. When the pandemic hit, WPD sealed the deal with

Devon Rose Leasing Director WPD Management

"When I took over [in 2019], I started envisioning the direction that we wanted to go as we were looking to expand and grow. A big part of that was partnering with non-profits like All Chicago and thinking outside the box.”

Pictured Above: All Chicago's CEO Carolyn Ross (left) with a $72M Homelessness Assistance Check provided by HUD. Photo appears courtesy of All Chicago.

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