RENT Magazine Q3 '23

If you’ve mastered the Wi-Fi question, you might be tempted to outfit every door on your property with smart locks. But what about that pool gate or a maintenance building that’s out of Wi-Fi range? Algorithmic locks provide great solutions for these doors as they work on or offline. For example, smart locks that leverage ReadyPIN technology do not need to connect online to validate PINs because the PINs themselves are encrypted with all the access permissions needed. This allows users to bring remote access control capabilities to any door, with or without a Wi-Fi network connection. High-traffic doors pose challenges for smart locks, too. For example, a main entrance at a residential high-rise may see hundreds of entries per day. The batteries in even the best smart lock would wear out quickly with this constant traffic. These doors typically require a hardwired access control solution that doesn’t rely on batteries for power. Because such solutions require a powered connection, they must be installed by an electrical professional. Many times, property managers become enthralled with a certain brand of smart lock, purchase their favorite, then discover it only accommodates 100 PINs. If you have frequent resident turnover (and who doesn’t?), you can very quickly run out of codes for common doors. So, check PIN code storage in your smart lock’s specifications and err on the side of more PINs than you think you’ll need. DON’T LOSE OUT WITH TOO FEW PINS Imagine buying and installing a smart lock for an exposed door only to find it doesn’t function when it rains heavily or freezes on very cold winter days. That’s why it’s good to have an understanding of the local climate. The ANSI lock grading system, which was developed to measure the strength and durability of a lock plus literature from the lock’s manufacturer regarding operating conditions are good resources. An elegant- looking smart lock may catch your eye for an exterior door, but it may not have what it takes to withstand anticipated traffic or wet, salty climes in your area. CONSIDER THE PLAYING CONDITIONS LOOK AT ALL THE PLAYERS: SMART, HARDWIRED, ALGORITHMIC



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