RENT Magazine Q4'23

ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS: A GUIDE TO HIRING A REAL ESTATE TAX CPA The most important person in your financial life — outside of your spouse, if you’re married — is your tax advisor. Taxes represent one of the largest expenses you'll face in your lifetime. And, if you understand the tax law, they are also one of the most straightforward expenses to reduce. The right tax advisor will work with you to design

wealth-building opportunities by investing in ways the government incentivizes. What exactly does the right advisor look like? Here are seven questions to ask as you evaluate your options.

your real estate business in a way that helps you reach your financial goals while legally (and permanently) reducing or eliminating your taxes. Choose the wrong advisor, and you'll find yourself paying more taxes and missing out on some great

1. What are their credentials?

It’s easy to call yourself a tax advisor. You want to avoid someone who claims to be a tax advisor simply because they are authorized to prepare federal tax returns. Instead, look for a Certified Public Accountant specializing in tax.


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