RENT Magazine Q4'23

• The addition of a pet fee, a one-time, non- refundable charge you can assess tenants to allow pets on your property and help cover associated costs. • Institute pet rent, a monthly fee for pets in addition to regular rent. • The pet must be housebroken, have no violent tendencies or history of threatening or causing harm to anyone by biting, scratching or chewing. • The number of pets allowed in the rental unit. • The pets must be vaccinated with proof submitted to you. • The tenant must agree to carry renter’s insurance which includes coverage for pet ownership. You can be added as an additional insured on the policy so you are notified if your tenant cancels the policy. THE ADDENDUM SHOULD SPECIFY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS UNDER WHICH YOU WILL ALLOW A PET:

Click here to download AAOA’s free Pet Addendum.

With this addendum, you can be confident that your pet-loving tenants accept responsibility for protecting your property. It should be updated as new pets are added to the household. Note, a pet is not the same thing as an emotional support or service animal. Click here to read what fair housing rules apply for emotional support and service animals.



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