RENT Magazine Q4'23

MOVE-IN/MOVE-OUT CHECKLIST When a new tenant signs a lease for one of your units, it is recommended that you do a walk- through inspection of the home before they take possession of it. This is also true when the same tenant wants to renew their agreement with you at the end of that lease. Although you might visit your property periodically to check on things, renewal time is an excellent opportunity for you and the tenant to do a thorough inspection of the home together. You need to be aware of any damage that has been done over the course of the year before you sign the renewal lease. Rental property inspections protect you and your assets. They can help you retain some or all a tenant’s security deposit to pay for repairs when they eventually move out.

Click here to download AAOA’s free, Move-in/Move-Out Checklist.



These days, a year seems to fly by. Start planning now for your tenant’s lease anniversary date and their possible renewal. Prepare the AAOA forms you need to update and schedule a meeting with your renters to inspect the property and finalize the new lease details and any addenda.

NANCY ABRAMS Assistant Editor American Apartment Owners Association (866) 579-2262

Nancy Abrams has enjoyed a long career in real estate marketing throughout Southern California and Las Vegas. She formerly represented 19 Merrill Lynch Realty branch offices, property managers The Roberts Companies, new home developers, including master planned communities Peccole Ranch and The Valencia Company and shopping centers for Sandy Sigel of NewMark Merrill.


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