RENT Magazine Q3 '22

Mistake #1.

Fail to appear at the eviction hearing because the tenant moved out after service.

This is one the biggest ploys used by the non-paying tenant. The mindset is to rack up enough free rent, then move out when cornered. They realize the landlord despises the court system and they utilize it to its fullest. How many times have they heard the landlords echo, “I only want my place back”?. They are hoping if they move out, the rent that is being stolen from their landlord will disappear.

Mistake #2.

Add utilities and damages to the amount being sought.

The Eviction court is just for court costs, possession and rent due. There are a few states that allow seeking damages in the Eviction court and Wisconsin is one of them. After regaining possession, a Small Claims case can be filed for damages and/or utility bills.


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