RENT Magazine Q3 '22

Talking to the tenant in the hallway prior to the judge’s decision.

Mistake #3.

The talking is over when we have to file for eviction. It reveals a weak landlord who lacks confidence in their courtroom training. At the court hearing, the judge will take the reins. We’ve gone this far and are confident the decision will be in our favor.

Mistake #4.

Addressing the tenant at the podium (which sets the judge in erupt mode).

You only speak when the judge asks you to present your case. Start it up with the tenant and it will be a disaster. I witnessed a landlord who got ugly with the tenant. The judge warned the landlord and tenant that he would not tolerate it. That didn’t stop the landlord and the Contempt of Court landed him 7 days in jail (no bail).

Mistake #5.

Surrendering a money judgment just to get your place back.

You always go for the money judgment and possession. 70% of all judgments can be collected with proper training. Go steal something at Wal-Mart and see what happens. The landlord profession is a business, not a charity.

CYNTHIA SCHMIDT Founder Collect Back Rent LLC

Cynthia has been a landlord for 30 years with over 500 tenants. After going through several evictions and successfully collecting court judgments herself, she started buying court judgments. Since then, she has made over $250,000 in judgment collection and today shares her collecting tips with thousands of landlords. Read Cynthia’s latest book, Ultimate Rent Collection and Judgment Recovery Manual to learn how you can collect the money tenants owe you.


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