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Innovative property owners know their best amenity investments are the ones residents benefit from most. High-quality internet access is essential to daily life and regularly tops resident amenity surveys. So, it follows that owners should take providing quality connectivity seriously.

Sub-par connectivity means more than just occasional frustration for your residents. It can also make a real impact on your bottom line. Beyond creating attractive, genuinely connected communities for residents, excellent connectivity is just good for business.

JOHN WEIS Lead Writer Quantum Fiber

John Weis is a Lead Writer for Brand and Communications with Quantum Fiber, a Lumen Technologies brand. A writer by day, and reader by night, he currently crafts content focused on fiber internet and better living through technology. In a former life, John worked as a brand manager, marketing strategist, and broadcast media personality. Learn more about Quantum Fiber internet for multifamily properties at Connect with an expert at

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