RENT Magazine Q3 '22

2022 has seen gas and electricity prices skyrocket across the country. As a landlord or property manager, what can you do to help recuperate costs on utilities? Let’s take a look at some practices to follow that are sure to help manage monthly costs as utility bills continue upward. ENERGY AND GAS COSTS ARE OUT OF CONTROL. WHAT SHOULD A LANDLORD DO? IMPLEMENT A RUBS PROGRAM TO RECOVER COSTS Whether you’re building houses, have multiple tenants or retail establishments, implementing a program such as Livable's Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS) allows you to divide your building’s utility bills by allocating sewer, trash, water, and more. RUBS software solutions do not require an onerous submetering system. As such, rising utility costs are combatted easily, legally, and affordably from month to month.


How Does it Work?

The Benefits

1. Quick implementation 2. Returns on utility expenses 3. Increase in cash flow 4. Encouragement to conserve utilities

1. Enroll your building 2. Invite tenants to sign up 3. Send your bill to a RUBS software 4. The RUBS software allocates utilities and bills tenants for you 5. Tenants pay online 6. You get a monthly check

Download Livable’s e-book on conservation and share it with your tenants. This information will show your renters more ways to conserve energy and save money.


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