RENT Magazine Q3 '22


A tried and true practice when it comes to making a RUBS program work is to communicate the process and the benefits with each tenant. We often see a dramatic reduction in consumption • Pinpoint opportunities for improvements. Determine how your tenants currently use their space and break down each unit in terms of water, gas, and electricity usage. • Provide a plan or a checklist so tenants know what they can work on to improve.

after residents recognize their personal usage and understand exactly where they are financially responsible.

• If you use Livable, tenants can access the Tenant Connect Portal to discover how much they’re saving when they cut back on waste each month. • Consider offering rewards or recognition when tenants are reaching set goals. • Download Livable’s E-Book on conservation and share it with your tenants.


Smart homes are an up-and-coming luxury that is providing convenience all over the world. Several smart applications have been developed for the home with the intention of reserving energy, in turn, saving you dollars. Smart Appliances: Basic home amenities such as fridges and washing machines have been fitted with communication technology, either through remote control or automation, that allows tenants to easily reduce their energy usage. Solar: You can offset common area electricity expenses and increase your bottom line with solar panels or solar shingles. In 2019, companies such as Tesla, started to protduce “solar shingles” which blend in better with your roof. Learn more about solar shingles. Smart Thermostats: Simple programmable thermostats automatically adjust to changing energy needs and keep spaces at the perfect temperature all year long.


It is best practice to be prepared for any circumstances that may add to the cost of monthly utility bills. Conducting quarterly inspections can allow property owners to check the working order of amenities and confirm that there are no water leaks which can dramatically raise a water bill.

If you use Livable’s Property Manager Dashboard you’ll see what’s happening at your building, receive alerts for potential leaks, and track utility recovery amounts. Don’t let high energy usage take you by surprise!

DANIEL SHARABI CEO & Co-founder (877) 789-6027 Livable

Daniel Sharabi is the CEO & Co-founder of Livable, a utility management company with software solutions designed to save money, as well as the environment. Daniel’s immersive experience working within a multitude of sectors in Silicon Valley offers a homegrown advantage in his vision of leveraging technology to provide benefits for all: the property owner, property manager, the tenants, and our environment. To find out what Livable can do for your property check out or call 877-789-6027.


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