RENT Magazine Q1 '23

As we enter a new year, it makes sense to take a moment and reflect on what we have accomplished and begin to set goals for the future. Part of this should include an overview of your fair housing practices. This article will share five quick steps to help you get started toward having a fair-housing-friendly 2023. FIVE STEPS TO AVOID A FAIR HOUSING LAWSUIT IN 2023

Step 1: Stay Up to Date on New or Changing Fair Housing Laws

Step 2: Review Your Policies and Procedures

As we all know, fair housing laws can and do change. It is essential that every property management professional is aware of how these changes may impact them. In addition, you also need to remember that there is more to fair housing than just federal laws or oversight. You also need to stay current on state and city/municipal levels. Doing your own research is possible but can be time-consuming. Subscribing to AAOA’s free newsletter or your local fair housing organization is an efficient way to stay up to date, or you can consult an attorney that specializes in fair housing.

As stated above, fair housing laws are ever-evolving. As a result, an excellent and often necessary best practice is regularly reviewing your policies and procedures. Ask yourself: Are they up-to- date? Could they be considered too broad or restrictive? Do they follow the law? Your policies and procedures do not need to be complicated or lengthy. But they do need to be clear and follow the laws that pertain to them. Again if you are unsure, consulting an attorney is always a good idea to ensure compliance.


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