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Julie Peterson serves as a Senior Director for Old Capital. She is responsible for raising both debt and equity capital for commercial real estate projects throughout the nation. With 30 years of real estate transaction experience, Julie does not just source funds; she consults with her clients to help solve their immediate needs.

She works with all types of income-producing real estate and at all levels of the “capital stack.” Julie’s clients are real estate entrepreneurs who are dependent upon the many relationships they establish, and the relationship with their capital provider is no different. She allows you to leverage her knowledge into your business plan along with providing a high degree of closing certainty. Her only objective is to secure the best possible financing solution at the lowest cost of capital. To connect with all her investors, Julie is the host of the wildly successful ZOOM @ 8pm EST held every Tuesday.

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Julie Anne Peterson


Multifamily Investing

Charles Dobens is a multifamily investor, attorney, and mentor to multifamily investors all around the country. Charles is principal at Dobens Law and founder of the Multifamily Investing Academy. “I have owned and operated over $20 million of multifamily property in my career and have represented over 1,000 investors throughout their transactions. I know multifamily. I have done them all: no money down, syndications, master lease options, Class A through Class D properties, rehabs and repositions, foreclosures, assumptions. You name it, I have done it.”

Charles hosts an informative—and entertaining—podcast that talks about the good, the bad, the ugly of multifamily investing. Listen in as a new episode drops every Wednesday by subscribing to “Multifamily Investing with Multifamily Attorney Charles Dobens.”

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Charles Dobens


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