RENT Magazine Q4 '22

Street Tip #3

Step 1: Have management notify tenants in advance that the water will be shut off for a two-hour period. Step 2: Turn the water off and check the meter readings, then check the meters again after the two-hour period.

Final Thoughts

By becoming more knowledgeable about the causes of water leaks and their prevention and remediation, you will put yourself in a position

to uncover hidden value overlooked by others and increase cash flow, NOI and property value substantially.

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SAM LIEBMAN, CPA CEO and Best-Selling Author WealthWay Equity Group

Sam Liebman is the founder and CEO of WealthWay Equity Group, a privately held real estate investment company focused on creating and managing real estate partnerships, and author of The Wall Street Journal best-selling book Harvard Can’t Teach What You Learn From the Streets. Dubbed “The Canarsie Kid”, Sam utilized his street knowledge to go from being on the streets of Canarsie, Brooklyn, to owning the streets, amassing over 70 buildings throughout his career. After achieving massive success, he now has his sights set on educating others on how to build lasting wealth through multifamily real estate.


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