RENT Magazine Q4 '22

The Indispensable Handbook for Property Managers: Building a Solid Foundation for Success

Elaine Simpson, the authority on multifamily housing, brings you the ultimate resource for managing your property and leading your team to success. The Handbook is packed with valuable, timely, and insightful information and ideas to ensure that your property stands out from the competition.

Learn to: • Build your property management dream team • The ABCs of marketing to prospective tenants • How to build through social media • Residential retention, • And seasonal maintenance and opportunities.

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“I am glad I purchased this book! I’ve been in the apartment industry for 4 years and love having this information available in one easy-to-read book. This book has great suggestions on how to get units ready for tours, how to make prospective clients feel valued, how to effectively use current social media trends, and more.” - C. Jensen

As a full-time undercover police detective, author Mike Butler developed his proven, simple system for managing hundreds of rentals on the side. In this book, he shares his methods to help you Landlording on AutoPilot: A Simple, No- Brainer System for Higher Profits, Less Work and More Fun

transition your rentals from a headache into a fun, problem-free source of consistent higher profits and income. Whether you’re looking for your first rental property or just looking for a better way to manage the ones you have, this book shows you his strategies, mind-set, tools and technologies to make your rental business a boatload easier while giving you a lot more time to do what you want!

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“Without Landlording on AutoPilot, I doubt I would have ever succeeded with rental properties. This book is a MUST-READ.” - Brandon Turner, Author of Rental Property Investing and Co-host of The Podcast


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