RENT Magazine Q4 '22

Fundamentals of Financing: How to leverage ethics, economics, and personal accountability to achieve multi-family real estate success.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a complete novice, real estate investing is tried, true, and creating millionaires every day. Investing in multifamily real estate is not only a way to insulate yourself from economic hardship, but it grants you the ability to obtain the financial and economic security necessary to establish long-term generational wealth. In this book, author K’Dia Brooks, not only teaches you how to 100% finance your first multifamily property, but also shows you how economics and ethics are key components of sustainability in this industry.

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How To WIN In Rental Real Estate AFTER The Deal: 15 Keys to Mastery & Ultimate Success in Your Rental Real Estate Business

Casey Denby wrote this book to help other landlords create more wins, avoid common pitfalls and have a positive mindset toward #landlordlife. Casey takes readers deep into his landlord journey of real-life success and horror stories.

Tenants don’t have to be your worst nightmare. Read how to: • Find the best tenants

• Manage them effectively • Get rid of the deadbeats

• Maximize revenue • Increase cash flow • Reduce risk • And save on taxes

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“Literally just whipped through this book in less than a week, and that was on top of an already hectic full-time work schedule. The author’s passion for rental real estate is motivating and inspiring - similar to reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. This book gives practical solutions and advice in a systematic manner to be successful as a landlord.” - Russ F.


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