RENT Magazine Q4 '22

Profit First for Real Estate Investing

Real estate investors have systems for almost everything - to make the phone ring, to find deals, and to fix, rent, and sell their properties. What many don’t have is a system for ensuring positive cash flow and profitability.

This is why many investors end up scrambling to cover payroll, taxes, and even their own bills. Real estate finance expert David Richter reveals his simple cash flow system that not only makes “pay yourself first” possible, it makes it easy. It is designed to help you reduce stress and build a healthy and profitable real estate company.

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“This book is exactly what I needed. It feels like the author, David, is speaking directly to me in so many places in this book. He simply knows exactly what we real estate investors go through. This book will help get you off the roller coaster that is managing your business’s finances.” - Austin Hughes

There are dozens of real estate books on the market, but most of them just aren’t geared towards beginners. As a result, many aspiring flippers give up even before getting started. However, what many people don’t realize is how incredibly simple and straightforward the process can be if you know what you’re doing. “As-Is” The Roadmap to Flipping Houses: The Secret Steps to Investing in Real Estate, Wholesaling, and Flipping Houses with Little to No Money.

In this book, written by Anthony Rosado, you’ll discover the secret formula for: • Finding motivated sellers • Mastering the due diligence process

• Estimating repairs • Contract templates • Closing wholesale deals • And tax secrets

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“Amazing book with all kinds of strategies on how to invest. Highly recommended for beginners and seasoned investors. The contract section is awesome and has a bonus—how to get free contracts. I’m very happy with my investment. Definitely a great buy for your real estate toolbox.” - Alex Diaz.


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