RENT Magazine Q4 '22

10 Things You Need to Know About Land: A How-To Guide About Lots and Vacant Land for Agents, Investors, and You!

Buying and selling land can be a complicated endeavor. There are dozens of details that must be researched with many choices to make prior to closing on a transaction. Failing to properly perform due diligence can mean leaving money on the table, or worse, buying property that cannot be used. Cheryl Sain’s book provides the necessary information for becoming successful in maneuvering through this thing we call “land.” Over time, this will become your go-to and carry-with-you reference for all land transactions.

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“ As a practicing City Planner with 35 years in the field, I can say that Cheryl’s book is a valuable resource for understanding real estate transactions involving raw land. She is spot on in her recommendations .” - James W. Wood “This book is superb for new agents and a great checklist for seasoned agents. This book needs to be on your shelf!!” - Patricia

Don’t Buy a Multi-Family! BUILD IT

Here’s the dirty little secret that they don’t want to tell you: There is nothing passive about owning older properties that constantly

need repairs and updates! A growing number of real estate developers, big and small, are putting up new construction multifamily properties as fast as they possibly can. In this book, written by Roger Luri, you’ll learn the process of building new multifamily buildings for yourself. Once you understand the numbers, you’ll never think of buying an older property again!

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“As a community banker in Chicago for over 30 years, I found Roger Luri’s framework for building and profiting from multifamily properties to be a well-organized and compelling presentation. Roger Luri clearly has real world experience in multifamily development and anyone interested in investing in multifamily units would do well to give this book a read.” - JRD


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