RENT Magazine Q2 '22

WHAT A CREDIT SCORE DOESN’T TELL YOU: PART 2 Now that you know the financial habits of your applicant, it’s time to learn more about their character. You will be trusting them with your most important and valuable asset, so it would be irresponsible not to order the following screening reports to see just what kind of person they are. TeleCheck® Verification Since you are expecting your tenant to pay their rent each month, AAOA believes it is important to know if they are in the habit of writing bad checks. The TeleCheck® Response Message Conditions helps separate good check writers from bad ones. This database comprises more than 51 million bad check records with continually updated information, including bad check activity as it occurs. You will need to enter the applicant’s driver’s license number or state ID when you order this report. Previous Address History The Previous Address History will list any addresses that have been associated with the prospective tenant. In addition to listing any address at which they have resided, it will also include addresses associated with them for some legitimate reason, such a place of work, a business they owned, a place to which they forwarded mail, had packages delivered, etc. If the number of entries on the list seem excessive, simply ask the applicant to explain them. The past address information can be used to help you with other reports that you will be ordering. The data includes the states where the applicant has lived, so you can determine whether you need to order a nationwide eviction or criminal report or just a state search. State Specific or Nationwide Eviction If a judgment has been rendered against your applicant during the last seven years, it will appear in this report with the following information: • Court state and name. • Case number and filing date if provided by the court. • Name of the plaintiff and the defendant’s address. • The date and amount of the judgment.

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